Perfection in Every Rotation
The Signature Propeller Building Process

Research and Development

At Signature propellers we take pride in staying ahead of the competition. Our philosophy
has never been fancy computers with impressive three dimensional pictures, but more of a
test until perfection approach. Propellers are a mystery to many, sometimes even to us. You
can build two propellers exactly the same and yet, one will be three miles per hour faster
then the other.  At Signature propellers, our propellers start from a basis of over 70 years of
experience. From that basis, we test and modify our prototype propellers under real life
conditions until we have created the ideal propeller. Even in today’s digital world, computers
are no substitution for the real deal.
The Manufacturing Process


Once we have created the ideal propeller and it is set to go into production, several steps
need to be taken. First, the propeller has to be digitalized. After it is digitalized, through the
CNC milling a reverse of the propeller is cut into a solid piece of aluminum, this creates what
is called the tooling. The tooling is a hollow version of the propeller used to inject wax into.

The “Lost Wax” process

Once the tooling is completed, it is injected with melted wax. This is the first stage of what is
called the “lost wax” process.  After the propeller is created in wax, it is dipped several times
into a ceramic material until a thick shell covers the entire wax propeller. After the ceramic
shell has completely dried, the wax is melted out and replaced with molten stainless steel.
Once the stainless steel has cooled, the shell is removed you are left with a rough casting of
the propeller.

Finishing the propeller

Once the casting is inspected for the proper dimensions, it is hand ground with three
different grits of sandpaper. For the final process, the propeller is placed into a two stage
surface finishing machine. This machine gives the propeller its reflective finish.
Every propeller produced through Signature propellers is made with a quality craftsmanship
that is insured to give every boat the best performance possible.